"Legends Never Die!"

FIrst let me start by expressing my deepest condolences to everyone that loved the late great Chadwick Boseman. He lost a silent battle with colon cancer at the age of 43. The idea that this man created moments in time for generations to benefit from, some of those moments, I'd imagine he knew he was ill. That's strength, courage, selflessness, and legendary; if i've ever seen it. Rest easy king. Legends never die. Art has the ability to immortalize our heroes. art also gives us the opportunity to tell the story as we interpret it. DeVonn Armstrong, an Atlanta, Georgia born illustrator has the tools to tell these tales. He does it all from comics, graphic novels, and children's books. His passion stems from fantasy, science fiction, and superheroes. He effectively and effortlessly portrays Black characters and icons in the full dignity and pride that they live(d) in. DeVonn's style relies heavily on a solid technical drawing foundation, backed by the imagination to blur the lines between realism and illustration. Check out more of his work at the link above. Support the arts. art over capital.

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