"This Ain't Fashion"

What's in an outfit? What's to a new pair of exclusive Air Jordan 1 High OGs? What the hell is it about a fresh pair of forces and the perfect outfit that keeps you constantly looking for more fashion??!! Well this ain't fashion. It's much more than that. To understand why an outfit paired with the right pair of sneakers can transform a person's energy, you first have to look at the culture that surrounds it.

From my perspective as an 80's baby, our thirst for FRESH is tethered to music, sports, and the street. As a kid it was a toss up between MC Hammer, Kris Kross, Deion Sanders, and Michael Jordan (Lebron's the GOAT though). Music and sports collide and as different as they are their was a constant that couldn't be ignored... you guessed it—DRIP for days. These men set the trends and we followed. to this day their influence on self expression and ownership of where you come from. They were all unapologetic in their choices. It was more than clothing. It was bigger than that. It was and is BLACK culture personified. art over capital.

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